Outfitted Moose Hunts

Add-on Option

This is an add-on option for self-guided hunters.


This option is for those individuals who are looking for a self-guided hunt without the hassle of bringing all the gear and food with them.


Supplies Included

We supply all your camping gear including tent, tarps, cooking utensils, cook stove, axe, meat saw, lantern, sleeping pad, meat bags, water filter, salt for hides and food. The food will all be Mountain House so if you want a few fresh goods you can purchase them in McGrath. You will be supplied with a good high quality tent but you will be responsible for setting up your tent and camp and taking it back down.


What to bring

The only thing you need to bring with you is your personal gear, sleeping bag and, butchering equipment. These items can easily be brought with you when you fly into McGrath. Since we are outfitting this hunt, your weight limit will be 75 pounds per person.


Limited Availability

This hunt is based on a minimum of two people. We only do a limited number of these hunts so let us know early if you want this option.