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Moose hunting in Alaska is becoming tougher every year due to increased pressure from predators across the state and increased hunting pressure close to Anchorage. Willow Air is based just north of Anchorage, and has taken moose hunters to far western Alaska for over 30 years and has dedicated float planes based in McGrath during moose season. We no longer take any moose hunts out of Willow; due to the fact the success rate was so low.


Don't Fly From Anchorage

We try to tell hunters, whoever you choose to go hunting with, do not fly to the bush from the Anchorage area. Sure it is cheaper; you can fly into Anchorage and hop in a bush plane and be hunting right away. You do not have to spend more time and money taking a commercial flight into another town before you get on the bush plane and go hunting. It’s easy to do and there are many large air taxis based in Anchorage competing for the same areas to hunt.


That’s why hunting is so poor anywhere that is reachable from Anchorage in a bush plane. In my opinion, all those areas were hunted out years ago. It would obviously be easier to hunt out of our home base of Willow. Our pilots and ground crew live in Willow. By moving our airplanes to McGrath, we increase our expenses. When we move to McGrath for the month of September, we have to supply housing for them.


McGrath, Alaska

You might say, why McGrath? Good question, since we have no facility there, it is quite a commitment on our part. We go there because it is the closest town to what we have found to be the best moose hunting in Alaska. It is also a friendly town with excellent accommodations. If you are a serious hunter and want a trophy moose, you should consider Willow Air. No one will work harder to make your hunt an enjoyable experience.