Combination Hunts

Self-guided Caribou/Black Bear/ Wolf

Willow Air is now offering a caribou hunt out of McGrath in the mountains. We will land on a high mountain lake above timber where you can spend your days glassing for caribou and bears that are eating blueberries in early September. This area has a small resident herd of caribou that has been increasing in numbers for the past few years with almost no hunting pressure. We have been seeing some nice bulls while flying over the area. This past season I saw large groups of caribou with some exceptional bulls. This herd has barely been hunted for years and some great bulls should be harvested. There is also a good population of black bear. Wolves and wolverine also travel these mountains. This hunt is 8 days (7 days of hunting).


Hunt dates Aug.30-Sept.6 or Sept. 6-13.


Black Bear/Salmon Combo

This is a combination of our baited black bear and Peter’s Creek salmon fishing trips. The first part of July you can combine bear hunting with King salmon fishing. You will fish during the day and bear hunt in the evenings. The black bear hunting is at its best in early July and the King salmon fishing is fabulous. This is a great opportunity to combine hunting and fishing in one great trip. This is a 2x1 hunt for 7 days (6 days of hunting).


Hunt dates July 1-7 or July 7-13.